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Rumtifusel small.png
Type Fearsome Critter
First Sighting 19th Century
Last Sighting 20th Century
Country United States
Habitat Woods
Possible Population Unknown

The Rumptifusel, also known as Rumtifusel, (Villosus sumptuosus) is a fearsome critter told by the lumberjacks of North American woods.


The Rumptifusel is a large creature that sleeps with its body wound around the tree trunk. This action would make it look like a fur coat attached to the tree. It has a long, fine pelt with a rich color like a mink. It is ferocious and posses great strength.

An unsuspecting lumberjack would pick it up, thinking it was a coat, but instead is speedily devoured by the awoken monster. Using pores alone its inner surface it sucks bones clean and leaves behind only small balls of clothes from its victims. These balls look similar to those spat up by owls.

Further reading

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