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Rougarou or Loup Garou (loup meaning wolf, and garou meaning a man who turns into an animal) is a shape-shifting monster that lives in the swamps of Lousiana. Rougarou is actually the Michif word for werewolf. It is like a Werewolf, but it can turn into wolf form at any time. This is what makes the Rougarou much more dangerous. Cajun folklore says that it stalks the swamps of Acadiana and Greater New Orleans. It is often used by parents to get their children to behave.

Catholics have their own version as well. They say that the Rougarou is a monster that will stalk and murder Catholics that do not obey the rules of Lent. Some people say that the curse (or blessing, for evil people) only lasts for 101 days. The curse is then transferred to the last person bitten. 


This shape-shifter can turn into a werewolf whenever it wants. It is slightly more muscular and powerful though, because it has to cross the dense swamps. It looks a lot like a Werewolf, but has some differences. Cajun lore claims that a Rougarou possess the body of a man, but the head of a wolf or dog with glowing red eyes. If anyone managed to look into its red glowing eyes or gets bitten by one, they would become a Rougarou themselves in a manner very akin to a typical Lycanthrope. 


Cow mutilations have been reported with no blood left in the body. This aspect is very similar to various Chupacabra sightings. Some daring Cryptozoologists have attempted to approach the Rougarou, but all attempts have failed.


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The Rougarou ride

  • The Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio has a ride named after this beast, in which the area the ride is in is styled like the Louisiana swamps that the creature has been seen in, complete with a speaker emitting eerie sounds such as wood creaking, frogs croaking and even a few roars to make it seem like the creature is in the area.
  • In 2014, the History Channel released a horror series called Cryptid: The Swamp Beast, in which an animal control unit investigates a string of mutilations and missing pets in Louisiana, while the locals believe this is the work of the legendary Rougarou.
  • The Rougarou was also famously adapted by Louisiana artist George Rodrigue in his 1990s Blue Dog painting series.
  • Rougarou

    The Rougarou as depicted in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation

    The Rougarou is featured in the popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.

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