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Roch Ness Monster
Roch Ness Monster.jpg
Hollingworth lake.jpg
Type globster
First Sighting 2015
Last Sighting 2015
Country England
Habitat Hollingworth Lake
Possible Population N/A

The Roch Ness Monster is the nickname given to a globster found on Hollingworth Lake of Rochdale, England.

Description and Sighting

In 2015, many witnesses found the carcass of the Roch Ness Monster washed ashore of Hollingworth Lake. It is estimated to be 5-ft in length and had a wide mouth full of razor sharp teeth. One witness described it being wide enough to fit a human fist inside. Photos of the Roch Ness Monster were shared online and went viral.

The Roch Ness Monster gets it name from the Loch Ness Monster found in Scotland.


The Roch Ness Monster is thought to have been a pike, a species of fish that can regularly be found in the lake. Pikes have been known to grow more than 4-ft. However with the carcasses frightful appearance, others are convinced it's some sort of monster and vow to steer clear of the lake.