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This unknown creature was found in the Croatian town of Rijeka. Little is known about this creature and I don´t have a real picture, but it´s rather strange.


This occurred in Croatia near the coastal city of Rijeka. The exact location was a small town near the Croatian-Slovenian border in 2001.

A group of kids, aged from 11 to 17 were hanging out at the local bus stop as usual. It was late in the afternoon, November. The bus stop and their town is situated near a very large, dense forest. Suddenly they heard noises coming from the woods. What came out was the most unusual thing they ever laid eyes on. It was a white creature, about 4 feet long (1.2 meters or so) and it was crawling on its hip, had no visible legs but on its "hands" had fairly long claws and it was moving sideways, dragging itself towards them screaming and making a LOT of noise. In spite i's weird way of moving it was very fast.

The kids, of course, were terrified. At first they couldn't believe their own eyes but they started running home quickly after the initial shock.

The sighting was reported in a local newspaper. Police and the county officers went to investigate since things like that DON'T happen around these parts. What they found were claw marks on a tree and on the spot where it crawled out from the woods onto the road a huge indentation was discovered as if the thing was very heavy. Also, an unusual slimy substance was found on the tree along the claw marks. I don't know if it was ever analyzed.

The report also stated that some of the parents were at first of course very skeptical about what the kids were claiming but since their fear was genuine they had very little reason to doubt since fear like that can't be faked and the kids weren't prone to pranks of any kind. And they refused to stay out at night a long time after the even occurred.

The creature was seen in one woman’s back yard and she also reported hearing the strange sounds.

Dogs barked every night for a week after and the screaming could be heard coming from the woods some time after the sightings.