A Heredities bronzed sculpture of Glatisant the Questing Beast

The Questing Beast or Glatisant had the body of a leopard, the head of a snake and the back legs of a lion but the feet of a stag or rabbit. It produced the sound of 40 hunting dogs murmuring from its stomach. Due to the multiple unusual body parts put together, the Questing Beast represents incest and chaos. The beast is said to have been created by a woman's lust for her own brother. Once a woman wanted to start a sexual relationship with her brother but her advances were rejected by the brother who had no interest in the matter. The woman then took refuge in the Devil who killed the brother and created the Questing Beast.

The Questing Beast featured in the tales of King Arthur as a beast in the adventure of Sir Pellinore and also in the tales of the Arabic knight Palamedes. King Arthur started to fall in love with a woman called Morgause. Unknown to King Arthur, Morgause was his half-sister. Morgause knew this but continued to seduce King Arthur. Arthur then caught a glimpse of the Questing Beast and sought Sir Pellinore to kill it. According to T.H. White, Sir Pellinore had no real reason to hunt and kill the Questing beast as the beast meant no harm, it was in fact a misunderstood creature.

Could the Glatisant be kin to the Chimera?

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