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Could Be A Surviving Plesiosaur.

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Qaxdascidi is a term used to describe a mysterious and frightening sea monster reported by the Tanaina tribe of Alaska. The Qaxdascidi is rarely seen, but its roar can be heard from underneath the icy water.

Like most sea monsters, this cryptid is said to be a plesiosaur or nothosaur. It has sharp teeth to puncture its prey and make deep wounds in them before it eats them whole. Natives fear that this monster will grow larger and start eating them.


The Qaxdascidi is a gigantic malicious monster in the traditions and beliefs of the Tanaina Native American people of the subarctic regions of Alaska in the United States. The creature is rarely seen, for it inhabits the depths of the frozen waters, but it can be heard as it roars from under the ice.

It is similar to the serpents of European and Asian lore, and many similar creatures have been reported throughout the oceans and seas of the world.

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