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A mysterious carcass, named the Pukehina Predator, was washed ashore in New Zealand in June 2014, fueling speculation about sea monsters and dinosaurs. The rotting animal was discovered by a group of people on four-wheel vehicles speeding along the beach in Bay of Plenty.

According to a story in New Zealand’s Sun Live newspaper, “beachgoers were stumped when they came across what they thought was a prehistoric creature on the shore … stretching about 9 meters (30 feet) in length with large teeth and rudimentary flippers.”


Strange Pukehina sea creature

Footage of Pukehina Predator

According to New Zealand's Sun Live, the mysterious remains were found by a group of beach-goers near Pukehina on New Zealand's Bay of Plenty. One of the group posted a video of the so-called "monster" to YouTube on April 28, along with this simple query: "Can anyone identify what it is?" The video captured the imagination of viewers, who suggested in the comments section that the creature could be anything from a saltwater crocodile to a giant moray eel. But according to marine mammal expert Anton van Helden, the carcass is more likely to be the remains of a killer whale.


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