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Some creatures who were believed to have gone extinct have been seen again during the Holocene epoch from 0.01 million years ago to the present day. The most popular include the Ropen, the Kasai Rex, Nessie, and Bigfoot.



Gigantopithecus as seen in Walking with Cavemen.

Bigfoot is a mammalian cryptid. It is said to be a Gigantopithecus. Gigantopithecus were hairy apes that stood up to 10 feet tall and weighed about 2 tons.


Nessie is a plesiosaur, most likely Cryptoclidus or Elasmosaurus. It is a semi-aquatic reptile that is 45 feet long and weighs 5 or more tons.

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Devil Dragon or Fire Dragon

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These 2 reptilians are very large poisonous monitor lizards from the Americas and Australia. They are up to 37 feet long and weigh up to 2 tons.

Ropen, Dragons, and the Snallygaster

The Ropen, dragons, and the Snallygaster could be Pterosaurs like Pteranodon and Quetzalcoatlus. Each have wingspans of up to 45 feet and weigh up to 5 tons.

Kasai Rex, Atacama Raptor, and other Theropod-Based Cryptids

All three Cryptids are Theropods like Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex. They grow up to 50 feet long and weigh up to 5 tons.

Cavemen and Cannibal Hobbits

Cavemen and Cannibal Hobbits as well as Bigfoots are our closest Cryptid Relatives as they are all Great Apes with opposible thumbs. They all walk upright making them even closer relatives.