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The Potosi Sheepslayer sighting was an extraterrestrial sighting that took place in early 1968 near Potosi, Bolivia. The witness, a llama and sheep herder named Valentina Flores, was bringing her livestock in for the night when she noticed a net covering one of the pens. Under the net someone was attacking and disemboweling the sheep with an unusual hooked instrument.

Flores, first thinking the being to be a short robber, yelled and threw rocks at it. The creature went to a strange radio-like device, which absorbed the net, and then threw its own hooked instrument at Flores -- which only caused her slight wounds but instantly returned to the creature like a boomerang.

The being then grabbed the radio-like device and a bag it had evidently been putting the sheep organs in and put both items in a rucksack on its back, which itself extended a pair of legs to the ground and the strange entity flew off straight into the air.


The creature was described as being a short humanoid figure, although not many specifics about its appearance are known. It was seen carrying a radio-like device that could retract any nets it had laid out, and it also was seen carrying a hooked boomerang-like weapon.


  • The entity reportedly left 34 sheep dead.