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Ponik - is a monster from the Lake Pohenegamook, Canada.


Ponik magazine

There has been more than 1000 sighting of this creature. They all describe the creature differently:

35-60 feet long creature with 2 or 3 humps, a sail across the whole spine of this creature, flippers, barrel-like neck and horse-shaped head.


  • 1873 - A lumberjack Louis Berube saw a "huge fish" in the lake. Benoit Levasseur saw 25-30 feet long creature poking out of water and diving back.
  • In 1933, a new road across the Lake Pohenegamook opened, and people saw Ponik more often.
  • 1957 - Father Leopold Plante saw a black thing with two humps suddenly appear and then dive to the depths of the lake.
  • 1981 - Mrs. Sylvie Theriault-Lavoie saw something large swimming fast underwater.
  • One of the recent sightings was by Father Calixte Berube, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon he saw a back with a dorsal fin. The creature kept appearing and disappearing.

So, what is it?[]

1Ponik-Lake Pohenegamook monster

There are many possibilities:

  • It can be a large, unknown species of fish that lives in the lakes.
  • A nothosaur that survived to modern days.
  • Giant otter.
  • Unknown species of cetaceans, that lives in the lakes.
  • Classical plesiosaurus.
  • Classical sea serpent.