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First observation 10000 BC, many observations: 1200 AD, 1500 AD, 1700 AD, 1800 AD, last observation 2019 ,possible population: stable

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The sure polyp is an evolved sea scorpion, a Paleozoic remnant.

Polypus (meaning “many-footed”) is a huge crustacean that is said to sink boats and vessels.. Most sightings took place in the Middle Ages and the early modern era, it is described as a huge crustacean that comes to the surface during storms and will sink any ship that violates its territory. Many sailors have invented many legends about it. While Olaus Magnus (1539) drew a giant lobster like creature here, his text describes a cephalopod like creature.

But still in 2019 on the coast of Norway a huge monster that looks like a crustacean attacked a fishing boat and when it sank it was never seen again since then fishermen were reported missing but were later found dead floating on the shore.


It is described as having gigantic dimensions, green skin, huge pincers that can grab the fangs that eat the prey.

Sea Scorpion[]

The Polypus could be a distant descendant of sea scorpions that evolved and lives in the North Atlantic Ocean up to the Arctic.