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The Pogeyan is a strange feline from India. The name is delivered from a local language (meaning "the cat that comes and goes like the mist").


During broad daylight, Kadur, a photographer, reportedly saw the feline in the high altitude grasslands around Anamudi, the highest point in the Western Ghats.


Kadur described it as being big, with a long tail and rounded ears. Its uniform colour was darkish grey.


Of the known cats, the Pogeyan is most likely to be an Indian leopard (Panthera pardus fusca). This is as it was described as being similar to the leopard in size and shape, the leopard is known to exist in the Western Ghats, and the furs of some leopards may differ from their main appearance of being yellow with rosettes. For example, melanistic panthers have fur that is dark, and the spots would be difficult to view, if there are any.

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