The Original Report of the Creature. [The Philippine Journal of Science,1914]

The Philippine Flying Crustacean is a cryptid crustacean reported in the oceans of the Philippines. Purported to have been sighted by Dean Worcester, American Zoologist and Authority on the Philippines, the species was sighted 4 times by Worcester and once by W. Schultze of the Bureau of Science.

The Creature

The Phillipine Flying Crustacean is said to be from 15 - 25 centimetres in length, with a basic appearance like a crayfish or shrimp. They are said to have one or two pairs of flattened limbs directed forwards with others directed backwards. They supposadly have a Transparent Body which is a feature found in other crustaceans.  The Name comes from how the creature is said to be able to rise out of the water and "fly" for short distances before dropping back into the water, much like a flying fish. 

Possible Explanations

As with all Cryptids, the creature may be nothing more than a Hoax or Misidentification. However, the latter option can be said to be unlikely due to Dean Worcester's work in Zoology which would make him unlikely to misidentify a known creature. However, it is possible he would be able to gain something from Hoaxing the Creature. By Fabricating the Discovery of a New Species, he could rise in the ranks of Zoology.

Sources [The Philippine Journal of Science, 1914]

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