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The Peuchen (also known as Piuchen, Pihuchen, Pihuychen, Pihuichen, Piguchen or Piwuchen), a creature from the Mapuche mythology and Chilote mythology pertaining to southern Chile,was a feared shape-shifter which could instantly change into anything.

It has often been described as gigantic flying snake that produced strange whistling sounds, while its gaze could paralyze an intended victim and permit it to suck its blood. It has often been reported as sucking blood from sheep.

The creature can be eliminated by a machi (Mapuche Medicine Woman).


In Chile, this word "Peuchen" also designates to the Common Vampire Bat (Desmodus rotundus); so some cryptozoologists believe that "Common Vampire Bat" is the origin of the legend, however other cryptozoologists believe that the "Peuchen" could be related with the Chupacabra or be the same Cryptid.

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