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The La Peluda, Shaggy Beast, or La Velue (which is French for "Hairy One") is a supposed dragon that terrorized La Ferté-Bernard in medieval times. It lived near the Huisne, a river in France whose source is near the town of Pervenchères.



An artist's rendition of the beast.

The cryptid was described to have an ox-sized porcupine-like body, or possessing a mess of green hair-like projections on its body that are actually stinger-tipped tentacles. Its name is derived from its shaggy appearance. It is also said to be green in coloration, has poisonous stingers that it could shoot from its body, a snake's head, neck and tail, and large tortoise-like feet.

The La Peluda was known to do the following:

  •  Wither crops with its searing breath (it can breathe fire).
  • Fire its quills, like if they were arrows.
  • Create floods by stepping into rivers,.
  • Kill a full grown man with a swing of his tail.
  • Spit a powerful stream of water or acid.