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Pale Crawlers are a phenomenon, usually enigmatic entities that appear at night.


They are humanoid creatures described as thin and pale, with long limbs with claws and large black eyes. They are known to be incredibly fast, stealthy, and smart. While unconfirmed it is likely that pale crawlers are hyper aggressive.

Confirmed Sightings[]

  • June 14th, 2008: Near a forested area in Higgins Lake, Michigan, in which two unnamed men were injured and one was killed. Police passed it off as a "bear attack" officially. The validity of the bear attack is unlikely, as video that has since been lost was shown to have disproved that theory.
  • July 23rd, 2013: In upstate New York near Niagara, a crawler was seen by a park ranger who would lose his job due to "unruly conduct", "poor mental capability", and "an inability to distinguish reality from fiction." The crawler was caught on camera, but the ranger service confiscated it as "official evidence."
  • April 19th, 2022: Near Elkhorn, Wisconsin a sighting of a possible crawler occurred on the intersection of Tel and Bray. Due to its location, it has been debated whether this was a Crawler, or the Beast of Bray Road.

Unconfirmed Sightings[]

  • April 2nd, 1946: After returning home from Europe, Sergeant (Sgt.) McCay of the 4th infantry division in the US military claimed he saw an "unimaginable creature" that was "pale with hollow eyes" and that the eyes "saw him and pierced him." Whether this was a crawler is open to interpretation, as it happened so long ago. With Sgt. McCay's death in 2017, we may never know the truth, however, he remained adamant that what he saw was 100% real and that it was the cause of his PTSD.
  • June 7th, 1988: Theo and Marty Cronk and Alexis Grace in Independence, Missouri were driving to their friend's house when they witnessed a large white creature that leaped over the guard rail of the bridge they were on and swung its hand at them. It was also seen in September of the same year by Dave Browning in Corning, Iowa who was driving his semi truck when he saw the creature crawling around outside the warehouse he worked at.


  • The Pale Crawlers were a source of inspiration for the Creepypasta character named "the Rake".
  • The Pale Crawlers occur in many of the Algonquin Tribe's teachings and mythologies as a threat similar to the Wendigo, but instead of as representations of greed and hunger, as a creature other than what used to be a human.