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Blue man

Ozark Blue Man Depiction from the Springfield News-Leader newspaper

The Ozark Blue Man was a wild, man-like creature reported to roam the remote, wooded hills around the Ozarks. The creature was infrequently seen, but his presence felt as far back as the 1860s.

Looking to chase and kill, he carried a wooden club in his huge hand, threw large boulders and feasted upon livestock. Periodic appearances sent locals spinning into a tizzy and brave men searching the woods - and caused enough excitement to last until the next sighting.

It was the Blue Man of Spring Creek. "It is a genuine Ozark legend, and if the testimony of scores of men during all these years is to be accepted, the legend is absolutely true," reported the Springfield Leader in 1924. The name allegedly came from Blue Sol Collins, the first man to see him. That sighting supposedly took place in 1865, and was recounted in the Springfield Republican in 1915:


Map of the Ozarks

"In the early spring of 1865, Blue Sol Collins was hunting on the divide between North Fork and Spring creek. A light snow had fallen the night before. The woodland seemed to be covered by a myriad of tracks -- turkey tracks, deer tracks, rabbit, fox and coon tracks -- big and little tracks -- but most conspicuous were the tracks that resembled somewhat those of a bear."

"Blue Sol was a hunter without fear, and believing the bigger the game the better the hunt, he followed the long broad tracks with the claw-like impression in soft snow. After following the trail for several hours over the North Fork, Indian and Spring Creek hills, Sol suddenly came upon the object of his search on the north slope of upper Twin mountain. Sol looked, jumped out of the path of several descending boulders and ran. He had seen an object unmistakably human, though strongly resembling a vicious animal, hurling huge boulders at him down the steep hillside." Newspapers reported periodic encounters in the years that followed. The experiences weren't only tied to Douglas County: at other times, he was supposedly seen in counties such as Ozark and Howell.


The Blue Man was described as Neanderthal like and wearing primitive animal skin clothing while wielding a wooden club. Sightings often reported the creature leaving bigfoot like footprints.


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