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The Orabou (sometimes spelt as "Orobon") is a strange fish-like creature that lived in the waters of Mount Marzouan, once known as Mount Orabou.


While not much is known about its appearance, the Oborou is commonly depicted as a hunchbacked, quasi-feline creature plated with scales. It measures nine to ten feet long.


This creature was supposedly discovered by a few different explorers when they traveled to Palestine, who described it in their journals. One of these was Thevet in his Cosmographie.

According to his record, Orabou flesh is particularly foul-tasting, and Thevet believed that old camel meat and Livonian mastiff were preferable. Eating it also results in kidney and bladder stones. Despite that, the inhabitants of Mount Marzouan eat it anyway, treating their stones with a diuretic concoction of Orabou fat, two handfuls of false gold dust, and cyclamen.

Paré takes the Orabou from Thevet, but misspells its name as the phonetically-similar “Orobon” and its locality as “Mount Mazouan”. Ever the embellisher, he also adds that it is extremely ferocious towards other fish.


It is believed that the Oborou was inspired by visually similar crocodiles or monitor lizards.


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