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Type Aquatic creature
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Unknown
Country North Africa/Asia
Habitat Mount Marzouan
Possible Population Unknown

The Orobon, or Orabou, is a strange fish-like creature that lived in the waters of Mount Marzouan, once known as Mount Orabou. The Orobon was described by French priest, explorer, cosmographer and writer André Thevet in his cosmographies.


The Orobon is a large reptilian creature often depicted as a hunchbacked cat-like creature. It was covered in sturgeon scales with webbed feet. It was said it made sounds like a cat and being nearly 3 metres long.


André Thevet described the Orobon in a chapter about North Africa and other lands of the Mediterranean of his book Cosmographie universelle (1575). Thevet described it as very ferocious towards other fish and it had foul tasting meat that was said to cause kidney stones. Thevet initially spelt it as "Orabou" with "Orobon" thought to be a misspelling.

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