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Orang Minyak

Orang Minyak, Oily Man, or Oily Maniac is a legendary Incarnation of a Man who likes robbing and ravishing in Malay folklore.

Orang Minyak is like a usual human but his entire body is covered with black oil to hide in the darkness. Folklore says Orang Minyak is a man who learned black magic, so he can enter a house without difficulty.


One orang minyak sighting comes from Bintan island, Indonesia, from a woman named Rina (37 years old in 2018). She related how an orang minyak came to her house when she was in elementary school. In the past, not all houses in Bintan had been connected with power lines. A battery provided the electricity for TV, while for lighting paraffin lamps were used. Rina stayed in her aunt's house, with her aunt and 2 of the aunt's sons. When she and her aunt were bathing in a river in front of their house, her aunt felt like someone was watching them behind a tree. They went home just before nightfall.

In the night while Rina and her cousins were watching TV, she heard a knocking at the front door. The older cousin immediately opened the front door. Strangely no one is found outside. Since they don't understand or know anything, they continued watching TV while leaving the door open. In the middle of watching the cartoon, from the kitchen they heard hysterical screams, it was the voice of her aunt.

Simultaneously the three of them ran toward the kitchen, and were surprised. They see a man with a black body and red eyes. The man then ran through the wall. Her aunt immediately took her and her children out of the house and shouted for help.

The neighbor finally arrived and after hearing the story of the aunt began to trace the creature's trail. They chase toward the forest which is located behind the aunt's kitchen. That night became noisy with men carrying torches down from the aunt's house into the forest.

That night they spent the night at the village head's house with some of the village women. Only Rina and her cousins slept. The adults stay awake and tell stories about the orang minyak.

Rina's father and uncle spent the night in her aunt's house while standing guard there. The group that had been searching the forest to hunt for the orang minyak came home without bringing results. They also gathered at the village head's house and some joined guard with the father and uncle at the aunt's house. Rina also relates how some people died after being raped by the orang minyak.