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Orang Limun (Limun people), is a group of mystical people from a mystical city of Padang 12 (Padang Dua Belas), not far from the nearby town of Ketapang, West Borneo, Indonesia.

Padang 12 City[]

The mystical city of Padang 12 is located around 60 km from the city of Ketapang, normally people would see grasslands, but mythology says that pious people can see the city of Padang 12, Padang 12 is said to be beautiful and has many magnificent buildings, people who lives there is told to have a fancy lifestyle, and the people there is said to be pious, locals said that the people who lives there (Limuns) are Djinns, Padang 12 gets its name because it is located at some grasslands (padang rumput in Indonesian), and it's 12 kilometers wide, it is said to be where the Orang Limun lives.

The Reports[]

There is a famous indonesian singer called Rhoma Irama, he said he was invited to ketapang twice, at the first visit, he said the city was very magnificent, but at the second one, it was not as magnificent as the first.

Another report is there was a nurse who helped the Limun People gave birth, then she got some gold from the Limuns.