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The Ogua, also known as the Rivesville Monster or Hoult Monster, is a freshwater cryptid from the West Virginia and Pennsylvania area. It is said to dwell in the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela rivers.

File:Ogua Monster MonriverBFWS.png

Ogua Monster Monongahela River - image


The Ogua is an alligator snapping turtle like creature that is brown in color. It is 20 feet long and said to weigh 500 pounds. It is sometimes said to have two heads. It lives in the water but is able to come onto land. It is known for being able to crush deer whole.

The Ogua's origins are said to be from prehistoric times, when giant turtles roamed the area it was sighted in.


The Ogua was first reported in 1745 in Hoult, West Virginia. According to legend, a 12 year old boy was allegedly pulled under water by the Ogua while fishing with his family. The boy was never seen again.

Since then, reports of the Ogua have been made all around Marion County.