It was in the summer of 1961, approximately 11 pm. Arquimedes Sanchez, a truck driver, was navigating the steep roads of the Basque Mountains, in the Spanish Province of Vizcaya. He traveled these roads several times before, but tonight, he would encounter a creature unknown even to the most esteemed cryptozoologists.

Sanchez and his riding partner (who chose to remain anonymous) were nearing Puerto de Barazar, ready to unload their goods and rest for the night. . . That was when their high beams caught something at the base of the embankment on the opposite side of the road. Sanchez slammed on the brakes and he and his co-worker stared in utter disbelief at what they were looking at. Sanchez would later describe this as a 3-4 ft tall "hairy octopus" with a shaggy coat of "rust colored hair". The creature hastily covered its round glowing eyes with one of its four tentacle like appendages, but remained unable to move, caught in the trucks headlights. Neither the truckers or this creature moved for what the men estimated for several minutes (however it must be noted that during times of fear or shock time can seem to dilate due to the surge of adrenaline; "several minutes" could in real time be less than a minute). Fear got the best of Sanchez, and he ordered his comrade to attack it with the jackhammer they had, and he was met with refusal. Sanchez decided to make his move. He threw the truck into reverse, then drove straight towards the entity, stopping mere feet in front of it. Sanchez repeated this several times, but never exited the vehicle. After a while, another truck passed by, and the driver may not have even seen it, as he did not slow down or turn around. They eventually reached a standstill. Neither man was willing to escape the vehicle, and the furry being was either unable or unwilling to escape. It was near midnight, and they realized there was nothing more they could do. They finished their run and left it behind. By the time Sanchez revealed his story, all evidence of the creature was long gone.

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