Artist's rendering.

Nguoi Rung (Forest People and Vietnamese Wildman) is a Bigfoot that originates in Vietnam, Laos and Borneo. It is 6 - 7 feet tall and almost completely covered in black and/or dark reddish fur, sometimes described with graying patches. The knees, feet, and hands are all described as bare.

The creature reportedly is seen both solitary and moving in small clans. Along the Loatian border this creature is called Khi-Trau, meaning "buffalo monkey" or "big monkey."

They have a reputation for breaking into houses, abducting people, and stealing food. During the Vietnam War, a group of soldiers believed they saw, and shot at, Nguoi Rung. The injured creature escaped, leaving footprints and a trail of blood. Unfortunately, no samples of the blood were recovered for further analysis.

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