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Savannah ngoubou

Baka depiction of the Ngoubou.

Monster island expanded sylvaceratops by trendorman-dafvbb1

Diakujia's depiction based on a ceratopsian from Skull Island.


It’s a Ngoubou

The Ngoubou is a cryptid from the savanna region of Cameroon.


It is said to have six horns, hooves, and fights elephants for land, despite its smaller size (about the size of an ox, according to locals). It is probably a surviving ceratopsian based on the given characteristics.


In November 2000, William Gibbons did some preliminary research in Cameroon for a future Mokele Mbembe. He was accompanied by David Wetzel. While visiting with a group of pygmies they were informed about an animal called Ngoubou. Although "Ngoubou" is also the local word for rhinoceros, the pygmies asserted this was not a regular rhinoceros, as it had more than one horn (six horns in one account), and further stated that the father of one of the senior members of the community had killed one with a spear a number of years ago. The locals had noted a firm decline in the population of these animals lately, making them harder to find.


It is most likey to be a misidentified or exaggerated rhino, but it may also be a surviving dinosaur.