Sketch of the carcass.

In August of 1885, Rev. Mr. Gordon of Milwaukee, the president of the American Humane Society, as well as various companions, examined the carcass of a large sea creature that was found on the shore of the New River Inlet, Florida (St. Lucie County). Witnesses described the carcass as being up to 42 feet long and 6 feet in diameter, with two "flippers of fore-limbs" and an apparent long, slender neck. Sadly, a storm washed the carcass back to sea, leaving skeptics to believe the carcass was another basking shark carcass.


  • Skeptics believe the carcass may have been the carcass of a basking shark
  • Rev. Mr. Gordon of Milwaukee, President of the United States Humane Society, first believed the carcass to belong to a cetacean, but quickly changed his mind as the carcass struck him more of a saurian.
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