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Neelagiri Kaduva

Neelagiri Kaduva (Neelagiri Tiger) is a Critically Endangered Species, somewhat similar in Size and Shape to that of a Tiger, but with a face similar to that of a dog, claimed to have been Discovered in the dense Forests of South India in 2014.

Neelagiri Kaduva is reddish brown in colour, with faded black stripes. It has a Pug Mark Size of 12 cm. (A Leopard will have a maximum of 9 cm pug mark). Dogs are the primary prey. This Predator is well known to Villagers living near Forests, as well as various Tribal Groups, who calls it by the colloquial names like "Patti Kaduva, Patti Puli, Nari" etc. But not much attention was paid earlier as it was very difficult to get a picture of this immensely stealthy species.

The Discovery[]

Neelagiri Kaduva was Discovered by a Scientist and Conservation Biologist Dijo Thomas, who searched for this highly elusive Predator for 12 Years, before Discovering it in Neyyar Dam in 2014, during a month long attacks on domestic animals.

Confirmations made by local officials of the Kerala Forest Department[]

Numerous confirmations have been made by local officials of the Kerala Forest Department in media, when the Pug Marks the size of a Tiger is left in villages during night time, where attacks on dogs, goats, chicken etc. has taken place. The Pug Marks, though the size of a Tiger, has many differentiating features, main being that the claws are non- retractable.

A Missing Link in Evolutionary Science![]

According to Dijo Thomas, Neelagiri Kaduva is the common ancestor of felines and canids. It almost looks like a Tiger, but astonishingly, has the face of a dog. At the same time, many of the behaviour patterns corresponds to Tiger, including it being a lone hunter.

Presentation of Scientific Papers on Neelagiri Kaduva and the F3B-NSPM Method in 103rd & 104th Indian Science Congress[]

Dijo Thomas presented 2 Scientific Papers on Neelagiri Kaduva and the F3B-NSPM Method for the same ; in 103rd Indian Science Congress, held at University of Mysore on 07 January 2016.

He also presented 2 Updated Scientific Papers in 104th Indian Science Congress; held at SV University, Tirupathi in January 2017.


Dijo Thomas claims that he has spoken with more than 350 eyewitnesses in three states in South India, many of them have seen it during live attacks in villages! Some of the eyewitness saw it during daytime and some at close quarters. He has published a few of the Eyewitness Accounts in his YouTube channels, for academic purposes.

Incidently, Dijo Thomas is the person who Discovered some other rare species, including Raktha Athika - The Indian Chupacabra, Ukrainian Chupacabra, Neelagiri Cheruvan (Pogeyan of BBC Documentary "Mountains of the Monsoon") etc. Getting a photo of Neelagiri Kaduva is said to be extremely difficult, due to the lesser numbers, high Migratory Nature, nocturnal behaviour, shyness of humans; and above all, High Stealth Property!

The DNA Test was done on the Cub of Neelagiri Kaduva obtained in 2014, but was Sabotaged by the Kerala Forest Department, and they have not Published the results till date.

Wildlife Conservationists, who knows the Indian system, says that it is due to professional jealousy, political considerations, compensation to be given to the villagers, once the government acknowledges the species etc. that the Forest Department and the Government is not acknowledging the existence of this Highly Rare Species.

CCTV Footage of Neelagiri Kaduva shown in News Channels and Documentary[]

The first vedio evidence was obtained in 2021 in Kilimanur in Trivandrum district of Kerala, India; where the attacks of a sub- adult Neelagiri Kaduva was going on for about 3 weeks; when it's CCTV Footage was obtained in a shop where it killed some poultry.

You can see the CCTV Footage of Neelagiri Kaduva in a Documentary. It was also widely Reported in various Malayalam News Channels at that time. Dijo Thomas Says that it is a Sub Adult of Neelagiri Kaduva.

Interestingly, in the CCTV Footage, you can see the Video of a wild Animal, very different from any known Species. It looks somewhat like a Leopard, but Leaner and Taller ! This CCTV Footage was obtained in Kilimannor in Trivandrum on 14 March 2021.

You can see the CCTV Footage here:

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