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In the small town in Napa Valley, a little more than an hour north of San Francisco, is known to some conspiracy enthusiasts as the location of a Doomsday Safety Center where they store food and supplies to house the president in case of a nuclear or biological breakout. The building itself is large and on top of the tallest hill in the valley. Gun turrets and fencing line the area and black helicopters are so regular that it made the local paper in the 90's.

The entryway to this facility is strangely old (maybe Victorian or earlier) yet the place itself is only thirty to forty years old, a large stone entryway with ornate features and a warning sign cautioning visitors with violence. Every holiday season they illuminate the whole side of the building with a giant happy face during the evening, which perplexes me unless it's a signal or beacon.

Now to the main topic. On the long and winding road to this facility is Partrick Rd. Possibly the most haunted and spooky, dark road in Napa. Gravity hills abound and there are tales since the baby boomer years of half monkey/half robots with wings that live in the trees and attack passerby and travelers. These are the locally famous "Rebobs."

Anyone else heard of these creatures? I've never seen one but then again the people around me refuse to go there as they think it's an evil place and it ends with a dead end driveway to the military complex.


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