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Nantinaq is a large Bigfoot-like creature that is believed to be a key factor in the abandonment of the Alaskan fishing village Portlock. Elders from the nearby town of Nanwalek have kept oral traditions of the creature alive since Portlock’s abandonment in 1950. Oral histories differentiate Nantinaq from the North American Sasquatch or Bigfoot through its abilities, which many believe to be supernatural and evil in nature.[1]


The earliest descriptions and accounts of Nantinaq can be traced back to European expedition logs in the 1700s,[2] when Native Alaskans began inhabiting the Portlock area stories and encounters with a mysterious creature began occurring with increasing regularity.

In the early 20th century, as Portlock’s population grew local and national sources began to record unexplained occurrences in the area. An abnormally high number of disappearances, catastrophes, and deaths eventually lead village elders to move the population to nearby Nanwalek.[3]

The physical characteristics of Nantinaq are typically described to be similar to the North American Sasquatch. Eye witnesses and historians describe the creature as being upwards of 8 feet tall and being covered in a dark fur. Sharp claws capable of ripping mammals with ease have also been identified.

Despite the creatures imposing physical characteristics many locals identify Nantinaq more through its invisible traits. Strange illnesses, smells, and noises have all been recorded in the Portlock area with no known explanation. This has lead many locals and elders to believe Nantinaq is spiritual in nature.

Recent Sightings[]

In the spring of 2021, Discovery+ filmed a reality television series in Portlock. The series, Alaskan Killer Bigfoot, follows a scout team exploring the ruins of the abandoned village.[4]

Alaskan Killer Bigfoot Trailer

The series premieres on December 7th, 2021 and according to the network: Seventy years ago, a murderous Bigfoot-like creature sent residents fleeing from Portlock, Alaska. Now, an expedition returns to the abandoned fishing village to reclaim the land and its resources from the terrifying beast locals call Nantinaq. The team’s 40-day sojourn in the icy Alaskan wilderness tests their mettle, their faith and their ability to survive.[5]

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