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The Namibian Flying Snake is an odd gargantuan serpent that is possibly derived from African legends of dragons.

It is described as being yellow, brown with light spots, or black. It is reported as being 9-25 feet long and can supposedly camouflage into its surroundings. It has many other strange features such as a bioluminescent crest, horns, a neck that can inflate and deflate easily possibly by gulping down air, and leathery bat-like wings that it doesn't glide with but is capable of sustained flight. It has a wingspan of 30 feet. It is said to make a loud and frightening roaring sound. It is also said to smell like tar, and to get into the air, it hurls itself down hills. It is apparently covered in scales.

Namibian Flying Snakee

Artist’s rendering of a Namibian Flying Snake

It is found in the Karas Region of Namibia. This serpent was said to have been seen in 1942 by Michael Esterhuise. He was tending to his flock of sheep on a farm 60 kilometres west of the town of Keetmanshoop, when he saw a massive snake hurl itself down a hill. He said he encountered it 2 other times.

In the late 1950's on a farm near Goageb, a group of farmers and missionaries were around 7 dead sheep, which were bitten by some kind of snake-like creature with two puncture marks that were slightly ajar. But no one understood the fact that the land around them had a soot-like substance in some areas and patches of soot were also noticed on the wool of sheep.

Another sighting was in 1978, where a French farmer who was tending his cattle in the Karas region, when he saw a bright white light and then he noticed it was heading straight towards him. Then afterwards he heard a massive thud and he heard one of his cattle moo in pain, as he rushed to check what attacked the cow, he saw the snake, he quoted to the local police: "I saw what looked like... as the best matching description I can give you is that it looked like a dragon, it had a white bright light on its head, which was blinding me, the color of it was brown and yellow, it had green eyes, there was a tar-like smell coming from it and it had smoke coming out of it's nostrils."

Then he was asked to meet a renditionist and that rendition can be seen above and uncolored.

The legend of this strange creature possibly derived from the legends of African dragons or the Kongamato. It could also be an exaggeration of a new species of flying snake.

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