NASA's Jellyfish Anomalies
Nasa critters and ufos
Photograph of the creature.
Map of North America
Type Atmospheric Beasts
First Sighting October 19, 1998
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Above North America
Habitat The atmosphere
Possible Population Small

NASA's Jellyfish Anomalies are sightings of Atmospheric Jellyfish , a type of UFO, sighted above the atmosphere in NASA's recordings. The sighting prompted speculations on what the creatures really were.

Atmospheric Jellyfish are flying jellyfish that have been sighted floating in the atmosphere. It is mostly known because of its appearance in The Secret Saturdays. According to British scientist, Dr. Maggie Alderin-Pocock, the aliens likely exists.

The Sightings

December, 2012

In late December, 2012 NASA cameras recorded a strange object in the sky. On January 31, 2013, the Alien Disclosure Group, while analyzing NASA footage, discovered this anomaly and uploaded their findings onto their website and later to YouTube:

Another small collection of weird anomalies from the NASA archives and various other sources. Could space be filled with living critters just like our oceans, some of the footage and pictures seem to suggest it could.

November 10, 2013

In November 10, 2013, Scott Waring discovered a new sighting of Atmospheric Jellyfish in the NASA archives.

Throughout UFO history, jellyfish UFOs with long moving tentacles have been recorded and reported around the world. This is a great example of such a UFO. Notice the beam of light coming down towards earth from the tentacle and also notice that there seems to be a wide stream behind the UFO from which it came. With thousands...yes I said that correctly, thousands of UFOs and structures being found in old NASA photos.

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