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Mystery Creatures of China: The Complete Cryptozoological Guide (ISBN 978-1616464301) is a 2018 reference book of Chinese cryptids written by David C. Xu, with a foreword by Karl Shuker. In a similar style to Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology (2002), it covers more than one hundred cryptids reported from China, the majority of which had never before been mentioned in English-language sources.

Official description

David C. Xu’s Mystery Creatures of China is one of the most exciting additions to the cryptozoological literature in years. For the first time, cryptozoology researchers and enthusiasts will be able to access information about some of the most intriguing mystery animals on the planet. The author has collected sighting reports and historical data from across all of China to bring the English-speaking world new accounts of fascinating encounters with strange and curious beasts.

Many of these mystery animals have never before been presented in Western cryptozoological books or articles. From lake monsters to man-apes, mystery cats to dinosaur-like beasts, the four-winged bird to the blood-sucking blanket-like xizi, there are a multitude of mysterious creatures to enjoy and analyze. The author has created a doorway into the hidden zoology of China in expectation that others will take up the cause and seriously explore these biological mysteries.

With over 100 mystery animals listed in 98 sections (categorized into aquatic, humanoid, carnivorous, herbivorous, reptilian, and winged cryptids), this book will amaze, intrigue, and delight anyone interested in cryptozoology and Chinese folklore.


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