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Mulilo Slug
Artist's Rendering
800px-Limax maximus 5.jpg
Liamax Maximus

Possible suspect

Type Mollusk
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Republic of the Congo
Habitat Jungle
Possible Population Possibly small population

The Mulilo is an herbivorous giant slug said to live in the dense forests of the Congo, near the Zaire and Zambia regions. This large slug is said to be as long as 6 feet long and 12 inches wide. It is described as being grayish-white to brown to black in color. The Mulilo is also said to only appear when there is a rainbow and has poisonous breath. They are thought to slowly climb trees. Natives would supposedly catch them with cages using roosters as bait, because their flesh supposedly had magical properties.


  • This cryptid could possibly be a Limax maximus, the biggest known species of slug. Although this slug is thought to only thrive in Europe, it is believed to possibly exist in parts of Africa.
  • An unknown Caecilian species.
  • The black version of the Mulilo might be a melanistic form of a Gaboon Viper, a venomous snake about the same size as the Mulilo. For snakes, they are stout and slow, making them more likely to be mistaken for a giant slug.
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