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Moose Monster First Sighting

First sighting of the Moose Monster

The Moose Monster is a cryptid that has been spotted in northwestern and central Canada. It has been reported as a moose of above average size from sighting to sighting ranging roughly from 2.4m to 4.1m. This makes it almost twice as tall as the average male moose. It has generally been seen being quite docile when sighted, though none of the sightings so far have occurred during rutting season.

Appearance and Diet[]


Moose Monster seen eating a deer carcass, captured by Jason Leo Bantle

The Moose Monster appears to be a brown north American moose roughly twice the size of an ordinary moose, with a height of 2.4m to 4.1m at the shoulder and a length of 3.5m to 5.2m, making it the largest land mammal in North America. Due to the limited number of sightings, not much was known about its diet until mid-2008 when Canadian wildlife photographer, Jason Leo Bantle, captured a photo of the Moose Monster feasting on a deer carcass.

Location and Sightings[]

Moose monster video

Moose Monster as seen from a dashcam

The Moose Monster has been sighted as far north as Lac La Ronge in Saskatchewan and as far south as Morrison lake, just south of Gravenhurst, Ontario. The first sighting was made by a couple in central Ontario, Emma and Jackson Rose, just north of Chartrand Lake outside of Chapleau in 1968. Since then, there have been over 12 reported sightings and only a handful of photos. One of the more famous sightings was in 2005 on August 22nd on a highway in Manitoba just north of Grand Rapids.


  • Due to it's size, the Moose Monster is considered both the largest moose of all time by members of the cryptozoology community and also the largest land mammal in North America.
  • The Moose Monster is widely considered to be one of, if not the only, cervidae that subsists entirely off of meat, making it entirely carnivorous.