The Mitla is a medium-sized cryptid that is said to be a cat-like dog or vise versa. The report comes from Percy Fawcett, who spent time in Bolivia between 1906-1914. Jeremy Mallinson, the director the Jersey Zoo (now Durrel Wildlife Park) searched for the Mitla.

The Mitla has been speculate to be a canid, or a feline similar to the Jaguarundi. Dr. Karl Shuker described it as a strange dog with feline behavior. It's more likely to be a dog than a cat.

The place where it was sighted could be situated in forests east of the Cuzco region near to the Maddid jungle; that is also where the short-eared dog lives, but this cryptid is twice as big and darker in coloration. However, this could be a simple difference in level of maturity in the species.


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