What the Miniwashitu possibly looks like

The likely unknown Miniwashitu, or, in simpler terms, the Water Monster of the Missouri River, is a terrifying hairy beast that supposedly travels the Missouri River in central North Dakota. This bipedal creature seems to be similar to West Virginia's Sheepsquatch - the Miniwashitu is 7-8 feet tall, has tough bison-like hide and fur, has a single eye and a single bison horn set above this eye, elk-like hooves, human hands, and a jagged and spiny backbone much like a Chupacabra's. Natives to the area, such as the Mandan-area tribes, would say that the Miniwashitu would control spring breakup by smashing the river ice as the temperatures would rise and the creature was more active in the warming temperatures. People who see the Miniwashitu usually don't want to talk about their sighting because the creature is so hideous and it likely haunted their mind forever.

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