Illustration of Milamo catching a giant worm

Milamo is a fearsome critter from the North American lumberjack folklore during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Milamo was a huge crane that was reportedly so large that it would eat snakes the size of a car’s tire. It was also known to live on a diet of giant worms that lived in giant wormholes. One story told a Milamo that had difficulty trying to catch and eat giant worms. When it pinched one in its beak and pulled back, the worm would hold on tight in its hole and its body would stretch like an elastic band. The bird pulled some more and when the worm was really thin it let go and flew out of its hole like an arrow from a bow and it hit the Milamo bird in the eye. The Milamo loosened its grip in its shock of being hit and the worm dove back into its hole as faster than when it come out.
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