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  • Hello, My name is Afif, first of all sorry for the bad english, i'm one of the original admin and had been inactive since 3 three years ago, I'm not planning to go back editing and contribute to this wiki, I just found this wiki in my browser history. Just for the sake of nostalgia I will use my admin power to decorate your comment using CSS, it signify that you're an admin, I have no idea why nobody other than me used this powerful admin tools. If you have no idea what i'm talking about, just see the comments of mine or other admin like Australophitecusman, they're so pretty.

    Now, tell me your favorite color and your favorite cryptid, go!

    And thank you for your contribution, happy editing!

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  • Due to your fantastic edits and contributions I give you admin rights. I have eight strict rules that you must follow, Cryptid Wiki's version of Bushido. The following are based on the eight virtues of Bushido applied to Cryptid Wiki.  

    1. Rectitude - Act in cryptid wiki's best interest. This includes blocking vandals, correcting gramar and improving article quality. However, this is cryptid wiki, and you are not permitted a alter an article in any way that undermines the credibility of cryptids. Cryptids here have a real until proven false policy, so treat a cryptid as if it is real until it has been proven false. You can use speculative science to state, "Well, if this is real, then this science would explain its possible existence..." 
    2. Courage - Stand up the wiki and cryptozoology regardless of what others might think. Regard the possibility of what might be instead of doubting what is not (specualtive science). 
    3. Mercy
    4. Politeness
    5. Sincerity 
    6. Honor - Every action you take when attacking reflects your honor one way or another. The honor does not necessary show the strongest or even the smartest user. It simply shows how you fight your conflicts.
    7. Loyalty
    8. Self-Control - Remember to not delete any pages or make any major edits without asking me first. Have restraint and do not delete any pages without asking others.
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