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Medford Shmoos
Medford Shmoos

The Medford Shmoo sighting, also known as the Medford Smoo sighting, is a bizarre sighting that took place during the summer of 1953 in Medford, Oregon.


It is known for appearing in the April-May 1984 issue of the CUFOS Associate Newsletter (Center for UFO Studies). There were three witnesses to the case: a mother, a father, and a 12-year-old girl.


"They were white with 'very smooth satiny fur' and were shaped somewhat like peanuts. They lacked any features like arms, legs, wings, or beaks. They glided, in a sideways motion at first, then straight away from them till they disappeared into a wooded area. The last of the three was slightly smaller than the other two." (


  • The creatures were shaped like Shmoos in the old Lil’ Abner comic strip, but bigger.


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