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Maumee River Monster is a river monster, it was first reported circa the 1970's.

Sightings and descriptions

Artist's drawing of what the creature may look like.

The man who originally reported it was Sam McConnish, who claimed he saw the river monster and a Thunderbird.

It is usually said to resemble Nessie, and sometimes like a giant catfish, but is more often stated to have serpentine qualities.

In 2009 a man by the mouth of the Maumee River reported a large sea serpent like monster that quickly disappeared into the water after being noticed.

Legitimacy of Sam McConnish

It should be noted that a person seeing more than one cryptid during their lifetime is an extreme rarity, and seeing two at once can therefore easily be regarded with suspicion. This leaves the likelihood of this specimen being real as being very low, or at least that the original claim of the creature being a hoax was significantly high.

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