The Maryland Goatman (also known as the Goatman of Maryland, or just simply, the Goatman) is a satyr-like creature or manmade hybrid which supposedly lives in Beltsville, Maryland.


According to the legend of the Goatman, a scientist performing experiments on goats in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center found himself delving into more dubious practices ultimately fusing goat DNA with his own. The scientist mutated into the Goatman and took to wielding an axe—which he later used to damage cars. He supposedly still roams the back roads of Beltsville.

One report focuses on a boy at his birthday party when his baseball rolled into the woods. The boy went to get the ball and after a few minutes he screamed. His mother came running and the boy said he saw "the dark thing that stands in the corner of his room every night."

A variation of the legend claims the Goatman is an old hermit, possibly disfigured or mutated, or perhaps deranged, who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.


In 1977 two couples went out on a date when they heard scratching out side the car. They turned on the lights revealing the goatman. It started running at them and managed to hit the car with the axe, but they got away with only a scratch.


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