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Martinique Parrot
Martinique Parrots
Martinique Macaw (Left) and Martinique Amazon (Right)

Paintings of what the two parrots may have looked like.

Type Hypothetical species
First Sighting Uncertain
Last Sighting Uncertain
Country Martinique
Habitat Tropical rainforests
Possible Population Very small / extinct

The Martinique Parrots, comprising the Martinique macaw (Ara martinicus) and the Martinique amazon (Amazona martinicana), are enigmatic avian species steeped in mystery and folklore. These birds are believed to have inhabited the Caribbean island of Martinique, but their existence has been debated and remains unconfirmed by modern scientific evidence.


Descriptions of the Martinique Parrots vary widely, primarily drawn from historical accounts and local folklore. The Martinique macaw is said to have possessed vibrant plumage, predominantly red with blue and green accents, characteristic of macaws. Similarly, the Martinique amazon is described as having predominantly green plumage, with flashes of vibrant colors on its wings and tail, typical of Amazon parrots.


Records of the Martinique Parrots date back to the colonial era, with European explorers and settlers documenting encounters with these colorful birds. However, as human activity intensified on the island of Martinique, particularly through deforestation and habitat destruction, sightings of the parrots dwindled, eventually leading to their disappearance from the region.

Local Legends and Sightings[]

Despite their absence from contemporary scientific records, the legend of the Martinique Parrots persists among the inhabitants of Martinique. Local folklore often recounts tales of these majestic birds soaring through the island's dense forests, their distinctive calls echoing through the lush foliage. Some residents claim to have glimpsed fleeting sightings of the parrots, fueling speculation about their continued existence.

Cryptid Status[]

The Martinique Parrots have garnered attention within the realm of cryptozoology, the study of creatures whose existence is disputed or unconfirmed. While historical accounts and anecdotal evidence suggest the presence of these birds on Martinique, concrete scientific proof remains elusive. As a result, the Martinique Parrots occupy a unique position as cryptids, captivating the imaginations of researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Conservation Efforts[]

Efforts to validate the existence of the Martinique Parrots and potentially rediscover these elusive species have garnered interest from conservationists and ornithologists. Expeditions and research initiatives aimed at surveying Martinique's forests and interviewing local residents continue in the hopes of uncovering evidence of the parrots' survival.


The Martinique Parrots stand as intriguing enigmas within the realm of cryptids, symbolizing the intersection of natural history, folklore, and scientific inquiry. While their existence remains unconfirmed by contemporary scientific standards, the enduring tales and legends surrounding these colorful birds serve as a reminder of the mysteries that still lie hidden within our world.

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