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The Maricoxi is the general term for ape-like creatures that are said to inhabit the jungles of South America. The creatures have been reported with different descriptions and name. Percy Fawcett, an explorer claimed to encounter one with a group in 1914.


They allegedly were extremely hairy and looked very primitive. They lived in villages and used bows and arrows. They spoke in grunts and lived to the northeast of a tribe called the Maxubi. They are generally described as being between 2 to 6 feet tall with occasional reports of giant hominids reaching incredible sizes of 12 feet tall. Maricoxi are reported as being aggressive toward humans. In alleged encounters, they attack humans on sight. They are said to be scared of the noise of guns.


There are 5 types of the creatures according to claimed sightings:

  • Aluxes, Guazis, and Guayazis (Small dwarf sized creature with human face)
  • Aigypans, and Vasitris (Evil man-like beast)
  • Matuyus and Curupiras (Creatures that help wildlife and defender of nature. Their feet apparently pointing backwards)
  • Curinqueans (Giant 12 ft tall beings)
  • Di-di, Mono Grande and Mapinguari (Sasquatch-like creatures)


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