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The Beast in the Well

A mysterious creature native to Sicily, the Marabbecca has become one of the most well known cryptids of the "Bel Paese" due to its elusive nature and cultural relevancy to the area it presumably inhabits. The creature is believed to be responsible for the many disappearances of children around wells across the island, a tragic event that has presented itself many times throughout history, to the point where the idea came about that something was luring the innocent youngsters to such a tragic fate. It is believed that the creature has created a series of tunnels that spans all across Sicily in order to quickly reach its next meal, after all, in an arid landscape such as the island, the best way for a man eating monstrosity like the Marabbecca to find food is striking where we get our water.


The true form of the Marabbecca has never truly been seen, although we can deduce it used to be a type of hag judging by its name, which means "witch" in the Sicilian dialect, however over the centuries the beast has taken on a more lovecraftian appearance, becoming something more akin to a Shoggoth. In recent years many cryptozoologists and enthusiasts alike have theorized a more froglike design, however its more amorphous and otherworldly version is still the most recognizable.

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The Lovecraftian Shoggoth, probably the most popular iteration of the Marabbecca. This sudden change from a hag to an amorphous horror is probably due to the immense fear that this cryptid has induced in the island population, as many started to refer to it as: "it that turn all to nothing", as if the Marabbecca were to catch you, there wouldn't even be a body to bury, as if you never even existed.


The more recent iteration of the beast, now imagined as an almost humanoid froglike being. The following illustration is from the site "Bestiario d'Italia;" the majority of the information you'll find there is indeed in Italian, but it's still a good source for further research.

In this article there are images depicting the three versions of the Marabbecca, which one do you think fits this ancient cryptid best?

Hunting Tactics and Demonic Origin


The degenerate hag from Pathfinder Unchained is the closest thing to the Marabbecca's early days as a hag; unfortunately, due to the cryptid being centuries old, much of the information about this early iteration has been lost to time.

The Marabbecca is said to attract young children and adults alike towards either a well or a water reservoir it has infested. The way it does so is still mostly unknown, but it appears to be a nocturnal predator, as none of its presumed victims ever disappeared during the day, an odd thing considering that wells are usually used throughout the daytime. The beast's preference for the dark has led the common folk to believe that the monster was somehow demonic in nature, a paradox born from malice itself. The fact that children are its primary target seems to reinforce this idea.


As a cryptid the Marabbecca embodies many of humanity's primal fears: the dark, the loss of the young and innocent and most importantly, the unknown. As Nietche said, if you look long enough into the abyss, the abyss is going to stare back at you; the Marabbecca doesn't just live in the abyss, it is the abyss, the amorphous darkness that lies at the bottom of the well, staring back at us, forever hungry, forever unknowable, forever evil.