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An artist's rendering of Manipogo

Manipogo also known as the Winnipogo is the name given to the Lake Monster reported to live in Lake Manitoba, Canada. Sightings of this serpent-like lake monster have been going on since roughly 1908. The creature was dubbed Manipogo in 1957, the name echoing British Columbia's Ogopogo.

The monster is thought to be anywhere from 12 feet to 50 feet long in length. It is described as being "A long muddy-brown body with humps that show above the water, and a sheep-like head." (Storm, 38) A group of seventeen witnesses, all reportedly strangers to one another, claimed to have spotted three Manipogos swimming together. (Storm, 40)

Reported sightings[]


A Caption that shows The Famous Prehistoric Snake, Titanoboa, however latest estimations might've claim the species were piscivores or generalists.

  • 1948: Reported that some sort of creature rose six feet out of the lake and gave a "prehistoric type of dinosaur cry."
  • 1957: Visitors saw a "giant serpent like creature in the lake."
  • 1962: Two fishermen, Richard Vincent and John Konefell, saw a large creature like a serpent or giant snake 70 yards away from their boat. (Storm, 38)