Mamba Mutu
Artist's Rendering
Map of the Congo
Type Vampire
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Modern Democratic Republic of Congo
Country Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo
Habitat Lake Tanganyika
Possible Population Small

One reputed vampire like creature is the mamba mutu, a kind of blood-sucking mermaid from Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Cryptozoologists think these reports could represent freshwater manatees or even some kind of otter-beast like the doyarchu.

Mamba Mutu

Mamba Mutu is a very dangerous creature native form the lake Tanganyka located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s said to have arms similar to those of the lobster, a fish-like tail and its head has a very humanoid appearance. Natives from the Congo stated that the Mamba Mutu likes to feed from the blood of children.


Mamba Mutu originates from the Swahili (Bantu) mamba mtu (“crocodile man”).


In Central Africa, there are legends of a creature called the mamba mutu. Legends sometimes describe an insect like creature that appears half human half lobster– very similar to what we know as a mermaid. That is where the similarity however ends, in that the mamba mutu is considered a very dangerous creature – it is said that it survives by sucking human blood (just as a vampire would) and eats brains. The creature is said to

Artist's Rendering

specifically inhabit Lake Tanganyika and the Lukuga River in the Congo. Moving out of legend and into fact, Lake Tanganyika is also home to some ferocious fish such as the tigerfish – a huge fish (the largest reaching as big as 5 feet) with dagger like teeth.

There is considerable debate as to whether or not the stories about the mama mutu are true. Disbelievers in the mamba mutu rationalize the stories by claiming that perhaps the legends are based on manatees or even some type of giant otter.

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