Artist’s rendering of Mali

Mali is a troublesome hippopotamus that can consume vast amounts of rice, sometimes even whole fields, and it also has a great ability to defend itself. A legendary hero from Africa called Fara Maka became famous after defeating it. First he threw a spear but it melted on contact with the beast, then he tried to release a vast amount of black dogs but they were eaten. Finally, his wife Nana Miriam cast a paralyzing spell on it so he could kill it easily.


Traditional depiction of the Mali, from an adobe structure near the Niger River

The origin and significant sightings of the Mali occur near the River Niger. The Niger is the principal river of western Africa, extending about 4,180 km (2,600 mi). Its drainage basin is 2,117,700 km2 (817,600 sq mi) in area. Its source is in the Guinea Highlands in southeastern Guinea. It runs in a crescent through Mali (country), Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging through a massive delta, known as the Niger Delta or the Oil Rivers, into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. The Niger is the third-longest river in Africa, exceeded only by the Nile and the Congo River (also known as the Zaïre River). 

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