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The Lukwata is a canovorus Lake Monster repoted in Lake Victory, in Africa's Great Rift Valley. The first western report came from Sir Clement Hill.


It is traditionally described with a sqaure shaped head, a body that resembles a dolphin, and it's skin color being a brownish pigment and a white under belly.

It was described by Sir Clement Hill as having a long neck and a small head. It is from this description and the fact that is is said to be a carnivore that it may be a plesiosaur .


Lukwata is reportd to have a long neck with a small head. It is said to have only one ememy, the crocidile. It is also told that is often encages in battles with it. Many locals belive it is a 12 foot long catfish, despite it's description. It may be that the 12 foot long catfish are the Lukwatas' prey, along with other fish in the lake.


Sir Clement Hill, his wife, and his friend T. Cox, saw a Lukwata near Mt. Homa. It is said to have tried to attack the native look out on the prow of the ship.

According to legend, a hunter sailed across the lake and encounter the lake monster. The Lukwata is said to have killed one of the men.