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The Lou Carcolh is a mythical beast from French folklore. It was described as being both a serpent and a mollusk at the same time, taking characteristics from both. Its massive and long body carried an enormous shell upon its back, much like a snail's shell, that was believed to live in underground caverns in southwest France. Its gaping mouth was surrounded by several long, hairy, and slime covered tentacles that could extend for miles. These appendages stretched out from the cave it inhabited for a long distance and laid upon the ground among its own viscous slime. They would ensnare and drag back to its anybody anything within reach. It would then swallow the victim whole with its gigantic mouth.

The Carcolh is a nickname given to the city of Hastingues, in the French department of Landes, due to its situation on a rounded-shape hill. There is also a phrase in Hastingues “The Carcolh will catch you!” meaning the men will catch the women.

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