The Lockridge Monster is the name given to a Sasquatch found in Jefferson County, Iowa, in the fall of 1975.

After Mr. and Mrs. Herb Peiffer reported sighting a large haired creature on their farm north of Lockridge in early October, they have received numerous inquiries about the creature. Two other residents also reported seeing the creature. One said it had an ape-like face. Hibner gave this description:

It stands up on two feet and walks like a man, covered with hair and has an ape-like face. It has been known to kill chickens, rabbits, raccoons, pigs, turkeys and sometimes cows. It mutilates the bodies, often not eating all of the kill.

The Monster's tracks were found near four mutilated turkeys, half-eaten.

Gloria Olsen, of Lockridge, spotted the creature while cruising past an old abandoned farmyard after dark. She knew immediately that it was not a bear. Describing the creature, Olsen said it had a monkey's face and a body covered in hair, typical of a Sasquatch.

It is generally described as more like a bear with an ape face than a Bigfoot. Also, its foot size (10 inches) is smaller than the size of a typical Sasquatch footprint, and the Lockridge Monster is seemingly more carnivorous than the regular Bigfoot. It is typically around 5 feet tall.

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