Possible size

The Loch Awe Monster is a lake monster believed to live in Loch Awe. Loch Awe is the third largest loch in Scotland, with a surface area of 38.5 square kilometers (14.9 sq mi). It is the longest freshwater loch, measuring 41 kilometers (25 mi). It is renowned for its trout fishing.


This monster is described to be a gigantic eel reaching 11 feet or more in length. This monster is so strong that during winter it can break ice to get to the surface.


One of the few written accounts of this serpent-like creature was documented by a man named Timothy Pont, who chronicled these gigantic eels, as he called them. They allegedly frightened the majority of fishermen away from the loch. Pont described these eels as being the girth of a horse and reaching incredible lengths.

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